Obush Shed Made in Ural “Luna”

Russian newfoundland dogs database Luna

Obush Shed Made in Ural is born in russia , Kasli city, Chelyabinskye oblastis, in Uural 20.03.2019 kennel Obush Shed.

Luna’s father is brown, named Aquatoriya Kelvin Reds Begin and Win and mother is black(rec.brown) named Obush Shed Destiny Shape. I didn’t doubt for a second, when I found out ,that I could get a puppy from that kennel. And so she traveled to us when she had had her necessary vaccines. At first it seemed unreal to me, but after thinking about it I knew that everything is possible if wanted enough.

Luna is extremely bold and curios puppy, which makes a lot of things easier like walking, going to dog shows and etc.

Luna is also very intelligent and a great learner.

Newfound Treasure Endless Enigma “Enny”

Estonian kennelclub webpage Enny

Endless Enigma aka Enny is from kennel Newfound Treasure Harjumaalt, Estonia and born on 14.09.2014

Enny’s health results:
HD:A/A ED:1/2
Heart clear
Cystinuria free from parents

Enny came to us as a second round dog and it took her a long time to get use to being with us. We spent a lot of time with her and took her with us wherever we went. We also took Enny to dog shows and the she realised that we are her new family. She cares for us a lot now! Enny is extremely friendly towards: children, people, dogs, animals and puppies. She is the mother to our G-litter that had 6 puppies. After her own puppies went home and Luna came to us, then Enny started to take Luna as her own child. I have also took Enny to librarys.

Waterbear DeeDee “Didi”

Estonian kennelclub webpage Didi

DeeDee was born in our homekennel on 14.05.2012, her mother is Carol and father Arthur

DeeDee’s health results:
HD:B/B ED:1/0
Cystinuria free from parents

When Didi was younger we used to call her plane, because she ran so fast that other dogs had a hard time to catch her. Now when she has gotten older she has calmed down a lot.

Water has been very important to Didi her whole life. She has passed the love for swimming onto her puppies.

Didi has been energetic her whole life and now as an older dog she still has a lot of energy jusrt like her grandmother Sillu. We hope she will have lots of years together with us.

Newgraden`s Scottish Lady “Carol”

Estonian kennelclub website Carol

Newgraden`s Scottish Lady aka Carol was born in Scotland, North England kennel Newgraden`s 18.03.2009. Carol’s morther was brown and father black.

Carol’s health results
HD:C/E ED:0/0
Heart clear
Cystinuria free from parents

Carol was extremely friendly and calm dog, that’s why we were asked to come to Tartu’s O.Lutsu library as a reading dog. 31.01.2014. She was a very good and caring mother to her puppies. One of her puppie-s DiDi lives with us.

Carol passed away 10.02.2017 . We love you dearly and hope you are doing well over there.

Zabava Vialiki Miadzvedz “Sillu”

Estonian kennel website Sillu

Zabava Vialiki Miadzvedz aka Sillu was born on a magical date 04.04.2004 in Belarus kennel Vialiki Miadzvedz and was a mother to our A and B litter.

Sillu’s health results:
HD: B/B ED: 0/0
Heart clear
Cystinuria free

Because Sillus father was brown dog from germany and grandmother was also brown, she carried on the brown gene.

Sillu was large in size and strong boned female and water was the most important thing to her. In food she always preffered vegetables (beets, carrots, turnips, etc) then became berries and lastly tomatoes.

As a mother Sillu was a great mother to her puppies. She waas also friendly towards other dogs.

Sillu was a true first lady to our kennel and passed away 19.09.2013! Yo are always with us in our souls!